Pharmacovigilance & Pharmacoepidemiology

Accurate and comprehensive pharmacovigilance systems and pharmacoepidemiology activities throughout the entire product life cycle are essential to protect patients and public health.

Symyoo’s pharmacovigilance and pharmacoepidemiology (PV&PE) team has spent multiple years working in the pharmaceutical company and has first-hand knowledge of regulatory requirements and therapeutic experience. Symyoo’s PV & PE team offers high-quality services to support thorough examination and quality control of all safety reports as well as comprehensive assessment of risk-benefit of drug use and is dedicated to ensure that projects comply with changing regulatory environments.



  • Clinical Safety Risk-Benefit Analysis and Monitoring Plan
  • Regulatory and IRB Affairs for Pharmacoepidemiology Studies
  • Management and Reporting of (Serious) Adverse Events
  • Periodic/Final Safety Report Writing
  • Post-Marketing Surveillance (PMS)